Edward M Turk

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The detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms by PCR is necessary for many types of genetic analysis, from mapping genomes to tracking specific mutations. This technique is most commonly used when polymorphisms alter restriction endonuclease recognition sites. Here we describe a web-based program, dCAPS Finder 2.0, that facilitates the design of(More)
Active brassinosteroids, such as brassinolide (BL) and castasterone, are growth promoting plant hormones. An Arabidopsis cytochrome p450 monooxygenase encoded by CYP72B1 has been implicated in brassinosteroid catabolism as well as photomorphogenesis. We expressed CYP72B1 in yeast, coupled with brassinosteroid feeding, and established the biochemical(More)
Active brassinosteroids (BRs), such as brassinolide (BL) and castasterone (CS), are growth-promoting plant hormones. An Arabidopsis cytochrome P450 monooxygenase (CYP734A1, formerly CYP72B1), encoded by the BAS1 gene, inactivates BRs and modulates photomorphogenesis. BAS1 was identified as the overexpressed gene responsible for a dominant, BR-deficient(More)
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