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The University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database (UM-BBD, http://umbbd.ahc.umn.edu/) provides curated information on microbial catabolic enzymes and their organization into metabolic pathways. Currently, it contains information on over 400 enzymes. In the last year the enzyme page was enhanced to contain more internal and external links; it(More)
The biparietal diameters (BPD) and occipitofrontal diameters (OFD) were measured in a group of 203 newborn infants weighing 501 to 2000g, and at intervals until the age of three years. The heads of 96 normal-birthweight children were also measured. 11 per cent of the low-birthweight group had marked early narrowing, i.e. OFD/BPD (a/b) ratios of greater than(More)
The lactococcal group II intron Ll.ltrB interrupts the ltrB relaxase gene within a region that encodes a conserved functional domain. Nucleotides essential for the homing of Ll.ltrB into an intronless version of ltrB are found exclusively at positions required to encode amino acids broadly conserved in a family of relaxase proteins of gram-positive(More)
Concentrations of total protein, albumin, colloid osmotic pressure, and immunoglobulins G and M were measured in the umbilical venous plasma of 4 infants with alpha-thalassaemic hydrops fetalis. Total protein, albumin, and colloid osmotic pressure concentrations were low, and these are likely to contributory factors in the formation of fetal oedema.(More)
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