Edward Lafferty

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The isolation and characterization of 29 new germination (Ger) mutants of Bacillus subtilis 168 is described. These were classified, along with previously described mutants, into seven groups according to map location. The mutations in 26 GerA mutants mapped between cysB and thr; detailed mapping of two of these has located them very close to citG. These(More)
A new large-volume air sampler called the "simple liquid scrubber" is described. It can recover a high percentage of microorganisms from large volumes of air, up to 950 liters/min, and concentrate them into a small volume of liquid at a ratio of about 400,000 to 1. The principle of operation of the scrubber is based on the production of a fine mist in a(More)
This report deals with the valuable use of simulation and data reduction computer programs in the acquisition and engineering of command and control systems. The value of simulations, especially in facilitating the learning process and in expediting system design, is described. Data reduction is shown to be an evolutionary process and the design of a data(More)
The MITRE Corporation provides technical assistance, system engineering, and acquisition support to large organizations, especially U.S. Government agencies. We help our customers to plan complex systems based on emerging technologies, and to implement systems based on commercial-off-the-shelf products. In MITRE's research program, instead of emphasizing(More)
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