Edward L. Medzon

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The adsorption of methylcellulose (MC) by LM mouse cells from phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), Hanks' solution without glucose (HBSS), and medium 199 (199) with or without peptone (P) has been demonstrated by chemical and radioactive methods. A fixed amount of MC was removed from PBS and HBSS containing MC, whereas cells suspended in 199P containing MC were(More)
The fluorogenic acetylesterase (acetic ester hydrolase EC substrate, fluorescein diacetate, was used to measure enzyme activity in living protist cells. The visual enzyme assay was done by monitoring fluorochromasia by fluorescent microscopy. Quantitative fluorogenic assays were done by measuring the evolved fluorescein in a fluorometer. Of 59(More)
By 2 h postinfection, LM cells infected with vaccinia virus show a shift in their distribution when separated on a Ficoll density gradient. This shift is dependent on both time and the multiplicity of infection and is due, at least in part, to an increase in cell size. Those cells which do shift in position in the gradient represent infected members of the(More)
The density decrease of vaccinia virus-infected L-M cells observed in a Ficoll density gradient by 2 h postinfection was found to be dependent on RNA synthesis and protein synthesis but independent of DNA synthesis. Using low multiplicities of infection, the required RNA and protein species appeared to be synthesized before parental viral DNA became(More)
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