Edward L Decker

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Miniature pressure transducers were inserted through the udder cistern wall of 10 cows and placed into the teat cistern and, in addition, beneath the teat end. Data were sampled every millisecond and collected during 59 sequences of manual teat handling pre- and postmilking, 575 attachments, 384 sequences of 30-s milking, and 623 sequences of detachment.(More)
The objectives of the current study were 1) to validate the IceTag (http://www.icerobotics.com) automatic recording device for measuring lying, standing, and moving behavior in dairy calves, and 2) to improve the information yield from this device by applying a filtering procedure allowing for the detection of lying versus upright. The IceTag device(More)
The effect of the postoperative administration of digoxin to patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery on the incidence of supraventricular arrhythmias was studied. Patients were randomly assigned to a control group (n = 51) or digoxin group (n = 47) on a prospective basis. Patient characteristics were similar in both groups, and no patients were(More)
The pharmacy computer system developed and implemented at the New England Medical Center (NEMC) is described. The system was developed to improve the department's fiscal performance and operations. It operates on NEMC's large mainframe system and has the following components-order entry, unit dose/patient profile, i.v. admixture, and financial/management.(More)
We examine the patterns formed by injecting nitrogen gas into the center of a horizontal, radial Hele-Shaw cell filled with paraffin oil. We use smooth plates and etched plates with lattices having different amounts of defects (0-10 %). In all cases, a quantitative measure of the pattern ramification shows a regular trend with injection rate and cell gap,(More)
BACKGROUND The relative phototoxic risk of ofloxacin, one of the newer fluoroquinolones, was compared with that of an active control of known but low phototoxic risk, naproxen. METHODS A randomized, controlled, open-label trial was used with a standardized phototoxic assay completed at baseline, midway through, and at the termination of the 12-day trial.(More)