Edward L. Battiste

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There are a number of factors which limit the ease of transfer of mathematical software from one computer sytem to another. For FORTRAN implementations of mathematical and statistical algorithms, a primary portability problem is caused by necessary variation in machine dependent constants. The problem occurs for both decimal and machine-specific(More)
The past and current situation in the production of mathematical software requires that, in order to project the future, one realize the critical elements in such production. These are discussed below, with projections, under the topics Origins, Support, and Requirements.
This tutorial session is intended to gave the audience an overview of current and possible future mathematical software activities and outlets. The three speakers will cover the academic, government and private sector aspects of mathematical software. The effectiveness of certain journals, textbooks that include software, and conferences will be considered.(More)
This paper develops a theme about a specific, small part of the interface between computer science and statistics - that of kernels of computation. Currently, because of an impending technology revolution, it is important that statisticians and numerical mathematicians take interest in this field. General discussion on the broad interface problem is(More)
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