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Studies on Korea in transition
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Twelfth-Century Koryŏ Politics: The Rise of Han Anin and His Partisans
1 wo brief entries in the Koryösa delineate the contours of an era. For the twelfth month of 1122 the Koryösa notes that the king's uncle, Prince Po, was exiled to Kyöngsan-bu, Han Anin and YiExpand
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Ch'oe Ch'unghŏn: His Rise to Power
Koryŏ military officers revolted in 1170. The subsequent twenty-six years were disastrous: the new military leaders, unable to create a stable political environment, resorted to coups andExpand
The Republic of Korea: Economic Transformation and Social Change (review)
South Korea, concluding with an adroit discussion of indoctrination efforts in the South. In the North there was less dissent, not because of superior policies, but rather because most of theExpand
The Dreams of Two Yi-min (review)
action was inhibited to an impressive extent by a wide variety of institutional and ideological constraints. Even if one were to argue that there was a relative increase in royal prerogative towardExpand