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Elevated anxiety vulnerability is associated with a tendency to interpret ambiguous stimuli as threatening, but the causal basis of this relationship has not been established. Recently, procedures have been developed to systematically manipulate interpretive bias, but the impact of such manipulation on anxiety reactivity to a subsequent stressor has not yet(More)
Previous research has established that clinical anxiety patients and nonclinical populations with high levels of anxiety vulnerability characteristically orient attention toward moderately threatening stimuli. In contrast, populations with low levels of anxiety vulnerability typically orient attention away from such stimuli. The differing experimental(More)
The effects of dietary nickel (0, 25, 50, 75, 100, and 150 mg/kg) on the bone strength characteristics and performance parameters of male broilers were investigated. Broilers were housed in either cages or floor pens. At 6 wk of age, the shear fracture energy of the tibia from the caged birds increased when the basal diet was supplemented with 25 mg of(More)
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