Edward J. Watkins

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1. Our study was designed to test the hypothesis that domestication and artificial selection have influenced the posthatch growth and functioning of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of ducks. The mass and length of the GI tract organs, the growth of intestinal villi, the intestinal surface area and the activities of brush border digestive enzymes were(More)
Progesterone at concentrations of 10(-7)M and 10(-8)M inhibits release of [3H]-arachidonic acid from stimulated, perfused, endometrial cells. The effect is independent of the mechanism of stimulation. Cortisol (10(-5)M but not 10(-7)M) has a similar effect in this system but estradiol (10(-7)M) is without effect. There was a positive correlation (p less(More)
A rapid method of isolating a relatively pure fraction of oxygenated fatty acids from plants and natural waters is described. These metabolites were isolated from aqueous extracts using octadecylsilyl silica in a reverse-phase batch extraction method. The extraction method, together with reverse-phase analytical high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC),(More)
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