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The well-known analytical solution of Burgers' equation is extended to curvilinear coordinate systems in three-dimensions by a method which is much simpler and more suitable to practical applications than that previously used [22]. The results obtained are applied to incompressible flow with cylindrical symmetry, and also to the decay of an initially(More)
We developed a method for making quantitative characterizations of bi-grid rotating modulation collimators (RMC's) that are used in a Fourier transform x-ray imager. With appropriate choices of the collimator spacings, this technique can be implemented with a beam-expanded He-Ne laser to simulate the plane wave produced by a point source at infinity even(More)
22. Adapted from (5), plate 2. 23. This review would have been impossible without the fine contributions to solar radio astronomy made by R. Velusamy, and L. Vlahos while working for the University of Maryland. Radio astronomical studies of the sun and other active stars at Tufts University are supported under Air Force Office of Scientific Research grant(More)
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