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Patients with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy are susceptible to unnoticed trauma on the foot that can cause skin breakdown. We have designed an electronic system in a shoe that monitors temperature, pressure, and humidity, storing the data in a battery-powered device for later uploading to a host computer for data analysis. The pressure sensors are(More)
  • E J Richter
  • 1998
To date, transverse and vertical forces applied eccentrically to the axis of dental implants in the molar area during oral function have not been quantified. A specially designed load cell placed directly in the implant allowed for measurements of bending moments. Results of both load directions were compared to each other and to the loads applied(More)
The Wuerzburg Post is a new post-and-core restoration system designed to eliminate the weak parts of post-and-core restorations and the associated problems, respectively. In contrast to conventional posts, the Wuerzburg Post is a short and thick post, which no longer relies on cementation or luting for retention in the root, but on stress-free positive(More)
Dicor crowns may present marginal defects, among other reasons because they require preparation of a circular ledge with rounded internal line angles. In studying this problem, 21 teeth that could no longer be saved were prepared in vivo and provided with Dicor crowns in our hospital. After remaining in place for 3 months these teeth were extracted.(More)
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