Edward J. Quigley

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The purpose of this study is to assess cardiovascular responses to lower body positive pressure (LBPP) and to examine the effects of LBPP unloading on gait mechanics during treadmill ambulation. We hypothesized that LBPP allows comfortable unloading of the body with minimal impact on the cardiovascular system and gait parameters. Fifteen healthy male and(More)
BACKGROUND Although metaphyseal radiolucent changes are often seen in patients with Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease, the pathogenesis of these changes remains controversial. The purpose of the present study was to determine the prevalence and histopathological characteristics of these metaphyseal radiolucent changes in a piglet model of ischemic necrosis of the(More)
In this study, we assessed how ungraded jogging and graded walking at the same rating of perceived exertion (RPE) affect heart rate and oxygen consumption ([Vdot]O(2)). Twenty untrained participants completed a treadmill test to determine peak [Vdot]O(2) (mean = 40.3 +/- 6.3 ml . kg(-1) . min(-1)). Participants completed separate 30-min trials of moderate(More)
The BTE Dynatrac is an isotonic machine that measures isolated joint work and power at controlled constant loads. The purpose of this investigation was to: 1) assess the validity of the static and dynamic response characteristics, and 2) measure the within-tester reliability and between-tester objectivity of the Dynatrac. External force and position sensors(More)
OBJECTIVE Although the role of reputation in determining the relative standings in the U.S. News & World Report (USNWR) annual rankings of the top 50 hospitals has received analytical attention, the role of reputation in the best children's hospitals pediatric specialty rankings has not been quantified. Our goal was to quantify the role of reputation in(More)
An injured worker, contaminated with more than 6 mCi of 241Am required special treatment and housing for 4 months. This paper is a description of the design and management of the facility in which most of the treatment and housing occurred. The problems associated with contamination control, waste handling, supplies and radiological concerns during the(More)
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