Edward J. Nicolson

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This paper describes ongoing work toward a remote robotics research site which allows repeatable remote experimentation on multiple mobile robots. Our system consists of ten small mobile robots hosting onboard Unix workstations. The robots provide facilities for sensing and moving obstacles, inter-robot positioning and communications, and user input. The(More)
This papers analyzes the reliability of radius of curvature estimates from tactile sensor data. A linear elastic model is used to t the indenter parameters, load, location, and curvature, to the sensor output. It was found that both contact models and calibration techniques could dramatically eeect the bias and variance of the estimated indenter parameters.(More)
A dynamic simulation of threaded insertion is developed based on Euler's equations, impulsive forces, and a geometric description for threaded parts. Points of contact between the threaded parts are determined and tracked during the simulation. Reaction forces are computed based on the contact locations and the velocity constraints given by the kinematic(More)
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