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We report the discovery of near-sinusoidal radial velocity variations of the G0V star ρ CrB, with period 39.6 days and amplitude 67 m s −1. These variations are consistent with the existence of an orbital companion in a circular orbit. Adopting a mass of 1.0 M ⊙ for the primary, the companion has minimum mass about 1.1 Jupiter masses, and orbital radius(More)
The stars 51 Pegasi and τ Boötis show radial velocity variations that have been interpreted as resulting from companions with roughly jovian mass and orbital periods of a few days. Gray (1997) and Gray & Hatzes (1997) reported that the radial velocity signal of 51 Peg is synchronous with variations in the shape of the line λ6253 Fe I; thus, they argue that(More)
The banana passion fruit (Passiflora tripartita Breiter, Passifloraceae) known as "tumbo" is very appreciated in tropical and subtropical countries of South America. Methanolic extracts from peel and the fruit juice of P. tripartita growing in Chile were analyzed for antioxidant capacity as well as for flavonoid and phenolic content. A chromatographic(More)
The anthocyanin composition and HPLC fingerprints of six small berries endemic of the VIII region of Chile were investigated using high resolution mass analysis for the first time (HR-ToF-ESI-MS). The antioxidant features of the six endemic species were compared, including a variety of blueberries which is one of the most commercially significant berry(More)
Spectroscopic observations of 51 Pegasi and τ Boötis show no periodic changes in the shapes of their line profiles; these results for 51 Peg are in significant conflict with those reported by Gray and Hatzes (1997). Our detection limits are small enough to rule out nonradial pulsations as the cause of the variability in τ Boo, but not in 51 Peg. The absence(More)
Purpose – This paper explores the role of observable product characteristics and label wording in consumers' valuations for credence goods, products for which key characteristics may not be fully evaluated even after purchase. The objective is to draw conclusions with relevance to pricing policy. Design/methodology/approach – Hedonic price equations are(More)
We propose a method for measuring the conjectural errors that inexpert consumers make relative to experts in using observable product characteristics as surrogate indicators of a valued unobservable characteristic. Observations on the unobservable characteristic, available to the researcher but not consumers, are used to divide the data into high-and(More)
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