Edward J. Jones

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This article describes the development of a generic loss assessment methodology, which is applicable to earthquake and windstorm perils worldwide. The latest information regarding hazard estimation is first integrated with the parameters that best describe the intensity of the action of both windstorms and earthquakes on building structures, for events with(More)
The results of a detailed study are presented which analyzed the impact of ionosphere plasma irregularities on wideband waveforms for low frequency space radar systems. The primary objective of this effort was to develop a systems engineering approach using waveform diversity to overcome the impact that the ionosphere has on the performance of a wideband(More)
Using Government drawings, specifications, or other data included in this document for any purpose other than Government procurement does not in any way obligate the U.S. Government. The fact that the Government formulated or supplied the drawings, specifications, or other data does not license the holder or any other person or corporation; or convey any(More)
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