Edward J. Grace

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In this report, we present evidence that R5 human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) replicates more efficiently in primary CD4+ T cells than X4 HIV-1. By comparing CD3/CD28-costimulated CD4+ T-cell cultures infected by several X4 and R5 HIV-1 strains, we determined that R5-infected CD4+ T cells produce more virus over time than X4-infected CD4+ T cells.(More)
Markers of maturation and activation were measured on peripheral CD4+ T cells in chronically HIV-1-infected patients in a randomized, controlled pilot study of structured treatment interruption (STI). Eight subjects underwent 2 cycles of 1 month off and 1 month on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), followed by a final 3-month interruption. During(More)
This paper demonstrates spatially selective sampling of the plasma membrane by the implementation of time-multiplexed holographic optical tweezers for Smart Droplet Microtools (SDMs). High speed (>1000fps) dynamical hologram generation was computed on the graphics processing unit of a standard display card and controlled by a user friendly LabView(More)
The ability to have error-free, documented, high-leve l source code in seconds is the dream of every data processin g manager. Toward this end, Data General Systems Divisio n has developed a COBOL program generator calle d CSMAGIC . Previous efforts at program generators stress the capability of multiple languages and complex structures . As a result they(More)
Unlike the FFT, the Quasi Discrete Hankel Transform (QDHT) is not sampled on a uniform grid; in particular the field may no longer be sampled on axis. We demonstrate how the generalised sampling theorem may be applied to optical problems, evaluated with the QDHT, to efficiently and accurately reconstruct the optical field at any point. Without sacrificing(More)
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