Edward J Davis

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BACKGROUND Malignant hyperthermia (MH) is a pharmacogenetic disorder of skeletal muscle, manifested as a life-threatening hypermetabolic crisis after exposure to anesthetics. Type I ryanodine receptor 1 is the primary gene responsible for susceptibility to MH as well as central core disease, a congenital myopathy that predisposes susceptibility to MH. More(More)
Herein we report studies on a bimesogen that exhibits a chiral twist bend nematic phase when doped with small weight percentages of a chiral material and a partial phase diagram constructed. At low concentrations a wide temperature range blue phase is observed, whereas at higher concentrations an additional 'nematic-like' mesophase was discovered at a lower(More)
The nematic twist-bend phase (NTB) was, until recently, only observed for polar mesogenic dimers, trimers or bent-core compounds. In this article, we report a comprehensive study on novel apolar materials that also exhibit NTB phases. The NTB phase was observed for materials containing phenyl, cyclohexyl or bicyclooctyl rings in their rigid-core units.(More)
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