Edward J. Danielewicz

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High-reflectance mirrors, fabricated by use of fluoride coating materials, were irradiated for extended periods by a 193-nm kilohertz repetitive laser source. This irradiation promoted a spectral shift in the reflectance band towards shorter wavelengths. In efforts to determine the mechanism for the observed spectral shifts, various models were investigated(More)
All dielectric high-reflectance (HR) mirror coatings consisting of AlF 3 ∕LaF 3 ∕oxide layers were deposited on deep-ultraviolet-grade fused silica and CaF 2. A novel technique was employed to measure the absorption of these mirrors during irradiation by a 193-nm ArF excimer laser source. The method involves the application of a photothermal measurement(More)
The optical constants of Se and CdTe have been measured in the far ir from 10 cm(-1) to 100 cm(-1) using Fourier transform spectroscopy. An oscillator model has been fit to the available data for both materials over the entire ir range from 10 cm(-1) to 10,000 cm(-1). Several three-phonon absorption peaks have been observed and identified in the absorption(More)
A hybrid metal metal-dielectrically coated mirror, highly reflecting in the near ir and partially transmitting in the far ir, for use in optically pumped molecular lasers, is described. Ge and CaF(2) were used for the dielectric films, along with Ni meshes deposited on Si substrates. The dielectric dispersion properties of the CaF(2) thin films were studied(More)
A parametric study to clarify efficiency limiting mechanisms and to maximize the performance of the CH(2)F(2) laser has led to the discovery of five new CO(2) pump lines and ten new FIR laser lines. The wavelengths of the new lines fill a previous gap in the spectrum of strong cw FIR laser lines. With appropriate cavity design, measured conversion(More)
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