Edward Hermann Haeusler

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The purpose of this observational study was to evaluate disease-free survival, overall survival, local recurrence rate, and morbidities in patients submitted to class III nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy (NSRH) compared with standard radical hysterectomy (RH) in cervical cancer (CC). This was a comparative study in the context of multimodal therapies. We(More)
We present the structure of an ontology for Information Security (IS) and discuss a paradigm whereby it can be used to extract knowledge from natural language texts such as IS standards, security policies and security control descriptions. Besides providing a vocabulary for the IS domain, the proposed ontology stores logical forms corresponding to(More)
OBJECTIVE We evaluated the role of omental bursa (OB), surface of the pancreas, lesser omentum, caudate lobe, celiac nodes (CNs), portal nodes and triad nodes spread in advanced ovarian cancer (AOC). We investigated if the exploration and cleaning up of these areas can lead to a more complete cytoreduction and to a more realistic assessment of residual(More)
OBJECTIVE Fertility sparing surgery (FSS) is a strategy often considered in young patients with early epithelial ovarian cancer. We investigated the role and the outcomes of FSS in eEOC patients who underwent comprehensive surgery. METHODS From January 2003 to January 2011, 24 patients underwent fertility sparing surgery. Eighteen were one-to-one matched(More)
This paper considers a formal framework to contextualize ontologies and presents a formal algebra to manipulate these entities providing several ways of composing ontologies, contexts or both. The algebra gives the flexibility that is required to model applications where the meaning of an entity depends on environment constraints or where dynamic changes in(More)
Propositional Dynamic Logic (PDL) is a multi-modal logic used for specifying and reasoning on sequential programs. Petri Net is a widely used formalism to specify and to analyse concurrent programs with a very nice graphical representation. In this work, we propose a PDL to reasoning about Petri Nets. First we define a compositional encoding of Petri Nets(More)
One key issue in multi-agent systems (MAS) is their ability to interact and exchange information autonomously across applications. In order to agents to interact in such fashion, however, it is paramount to rely on a communication protocol that allows software agents to exchange meaningful information. In this paper we propose using ontologies as such(More)
Lymphadenectomy is important in the surgical treatment of apparent early epithelial ovarian cancers (eEOC); however, its extent is not well defined. We evaluated the role of systematic lymphadenectomy, the risk factors related with lymph node metastases, the implications, and the morbidity of comprehensive surgical staging. We prospectively recruited 124(More)