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We present the structure of an ontology for Information Security (IS) and discuss a paradigm whereby it can be used to extract knowledge from natural language texts such as IS standards, security policies and security control descriptions. Besides providing a vocabulary for the IS domain, the proposed ontology stores logical forms corresponding to(More)
BACKGROUND Lymphadenectomy is important in the surgical treatment of apparent early epithelial ovarian cancers (eEOC); however, its extent is not well defined. We evaluated the role of systematic lymphadenectomy, the risk factors related with lymph node metastases, the implications, and the morbidity of comprehensive surgical staging. METHODS We(More)
Optimization in sports is a field of increasing interest. Com-binatorial optimization techniques have been applied e.g. to game scheduling and playoff elimination. A common problem usually found in sports management is the assignment of referees to games already scheduled. There are a number of rules and objectives that should be taken into account when(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this observational study was to evaluate disease-free survival, overall survival, local recurrence rate, and morbidities in patients submitted to class III nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy (NSRH) compared with standard radical hysterectomy (RH) in cervical cancer (CC). This was a comparative study in the context of multimodal(More)
Chromosome 10p terminal deletions have been associated with a DiGeorge like phenotype. Haploinsufficiency of the region 10p14-pter, results in hypoparathyroidism, sensorineural deafness, renal anomaly, that is the triad that features the HDR syndrome. Van Esch (2000) identified in a HDR patient, within a 200 kb critical region, the GATA3 gene, a(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To report the detection rate (DR) of sentinel lymph nodes (SLNs) in endometrial cancer (EC) patients after hysteroscopic injection of indocyanine green (ICG) and laparoscopic near-infrared (L-NIR) fluorescence mapping. DESIGN Prospectively collected data (Canadian Task Force classification II-2). SETTING Gynecologic oncology referral(More)
OBJECTIVE We report a case of cervical rhabdomyosarcoma in an adult and review of literature. MATERIALS AND METHODS A 44-year-old, premenopausal, white woman, complained of vaginal bleeding for 2 months. The gynecological examination showed a cervical polyp protruding from the vagina. The polyp was partially removed by polypectomy. Pathological(More)
Modular SOS (MSOS) is a framework created to improve the modu-larity of structural operational semantics specifications, a formalism frequently used in the fields of programming languages semantics and process algebras. With the objective of defining formal tools to support the execution and verification of MSOS specifications, we have defined a mapping,(More)