Edward H. S. Lo

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Widespread use of digital imagery has resulted in a need to manage large collections of images. Systems providing query by example (QBE) capability offer improved access to contents of image libraries by retrieving matches to a query image. Texture is an important feature to consider in the matching process. However, standard approaches often employ a(More)
Image segmentation can be viewed as the process of classifying regions in a picture into groups with common properties (e.g., texture). A difficulty arising is that a common texture can be classified differently when viewed at different scales and rotated viewpoints. The paper presents a feature vector based on the DT-CWT (dual-tree complex wavelet(More)
In this paper we propose a new texture segmentation technique that produces segmentation results which more closely match the manual segmentation that would be performed by a human operator. To perform this type of segmentation, we propose a new texture feature based on the double dyadic dual-tree complex wavelet transform (D<sup>3</sup>T-CWT) which(More)
An experiment is a test under controlled conditions to investigate the validity of a hypothesis. Experimentation is the basis for creating new knowledge – determining whether some factor causes an effect. Well-designed experiments provide a systematic approach to observe relations among variables while ruling out alternative explanations. This report has(More)
Advances in military information and systems technologies have greatly improved warfighters' situational awareness on the battlefield and ability to make critical decisions in a timely manner. System integration is an important enabler for improving planning and execution of operations via availability of timely, relevant information and synchronization of(More)
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