Edward H. Matthei

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A number of researchers have argued that phonological constraints may influence the emergence and form of combinatorial speech in children. Donahue (1986) presented evidence that one child's consonant harmony constraint operated across word boundaries. This paper presents further evidence for the operation of word-level phonological constraints in(More)
Contributors Geert Adriaens Curt Burgess Claudia Brugman Cristiano Castelfranchi Garrison W. Cottrell Kurt P. Eiselt Dan Fass Ilene M. France Dedre Gentner Helen Gigley Richard H. Granger, Jr. Graeme Hirst Jennifer K. Holbrook Alan H. Kawamoto Marta Was George Lakoff Steven L. Lytinen Edward H. Matthei Robert Milne Domenico Parisi P. A. Prather Mark(More)
We present the results of two auditory lexical decision experiments in which we attempted to replicate findings originally presented in Bradley (1978, Computational distinctions of vocabulary type, Ph.D. dissertation, MIT). The results obtained by Bradley were used as evidence for a processing distinction between the open and the closed class vocabularies;(More)