Edward H. Bensley

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This paper describes an execution model being developed for distributed object-oriented in a message-passing multiple-instruction/multiple-data-stream (MIMD) environment. The objective is to execute an object-oriented program as concurrently as possible. Some opportunities for concurrency can be identified explicitly by the programmer. Others can be(More)
We present an overview of a model of execution for concurrent object-oriented general-purpose computation, and a run-time system---SAM---that supports the model of execution. The basic model, which is transparent to the programmer, uses data-driven synchronization and speculative computation to obtain concurrency, and rollback to ensure correctness. We(More)
MITRE'S Evolvable Real-Time C3 (command, control, and communications) project attempts to develop an approach that would enable current real-time systems to evolve into the systems of the future. The project has chosen AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) as an example to test out the concepts and architectures to be developed. In this paper, we(More)