Edward G. Brede

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A general prediction of the neutral theory of evolution is that genetic diversity should correlate positively with effective population size. We show here that diversity across eight microsatellite loci was consistently and substantially lower in one common amphibian (Bufo bufo) than in another with similar life history traits (Rana temporaria) despite B.(More)
We isolated 76 microsatellite loci from the Sakalava rail (Amaurornis olivieri) genome. These were tested in 30 individuals from six sites (in three regions) across the species’ range in Madagascar. Thirty-four of the 76 loci produced unambiguous polymorphic markers, with mean H e  = 0.544 (range 0.0678–0.885), mean H o  = 0.430 (range 0.0400–0.767) and(More)
Understanding the relative contributions of intrinsic and extrinsic factors to population structure and genetic diversity is a central goal of conservation and evolutionary genetics. One way to achieve this is through comparative population genetic analysis of sympatric sister taxa, which allows evaluation of intrinsic factors such as population demography(More)
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