Edward Fogarty

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STUDY DESIGN This study analyzed the asymmetry of a nonspinal sensory system, comparing healthy children and those with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. OBJECTIVES To test the hypothesis that differences in neurologic functioning that have been observed in idiopathic scoliosis are confined to motor organization and that the etiology thus is a defect(More)
The monitoring of spinal deformity uses many techniques: clinical history and physical examination for patient status, radiography for precise spinal delineation and Cobb angle, topography to quantify cosmesis and to approximate the Cobb angle. Experience with a system based on Raster photography has shown that adequate correlation with the Cobb angle is(More)
International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI) is an international, peer reviewed, monthly, open access, online journal, publishing high-quality, articles in all areas of basic medical sciences and clinical specialties. Aim of IJCRI is to encourage the publication of new information by providing a platform for reporting of unique, unusual and rare(More)
In order to explore the concept that scoliosis is fundamentally a loss of left-right symmetry. surface topography was used to measure asymmetry in three dimensions at three levels on the back surface. Statistical analysis of prospectively collected topographic, radiographic and clinical data, in girls with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, was carried out(More)
Using previously established values for the smallest detectable difference in topographic parameters, the effectiveness of the Quantec system for monitoring progress in scoliosis was investigated. It was found that, while a significant change in Cobb angle was always accompanied by a meaningful change in at least one topographic parameter, the pattern of(More)
Traumatic head injury continues to be a major problem facing the pediatric specialists despite efforts to reduce its incidence. Aims of our study were assessment of the incidence of hospital admissions of children with minor head injuries, their treatment and outcome. In this prospective study we included 101 patient with head injury. We assessed the(More)
Diametric analysis is the standard approach utilized for tumor measurement on medical imaging. However, the availability of newer more sophisticated techniques may prove advantageous. An evaluation of diameter, area, and volume was performed on 64 different lung lesions by three trained users. These calculations were obtained using a free DICOM viewer and(More)
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