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We consider a diffusion model with limit cycle reaction functions. In an unbounded domain, diffusion spreads the pattern outwards from the source. Convection adds instability to the reaction-diffusion system. The result of this instability is a readiness to create a pattern. We choose the Lambda-Omega reaction functions for their simple limit cycle. We(More)
To achieve fast control action, direct control methods should be used. Two new types of those are presented in this paper. (1) "Direct mean torque control" (DMTC) combines the good dynamic performance of direct torque control with the advantages of inherently constant switching frequency and time equidistant control for implementation in a digital signal(More)
We are interested in finding the kinetic parameters of a chemical reaction. Previous methods for finding these parameters rely on the dynamic behaviour of the system. This means that the methods are time-sensitive and often rely on non-linear curve fitting. In the same manner as previous techniques, we consider the concentrations of chemicals in a reaction.(More)
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