Edward F. Moore

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An investigation is made of relays whose reliability can be described in simple terms by means of probabilities. It is shown that by using a sufficiently large number of these relays in the proper manner, circuits can be built which are arbitrarily reliable, regardless of how unreliable the original relays are. Various properties of these circuits are(More)
Abstract The status of very long-term retention, together with detailed brain imaging correlates, is presented in two patients with disproportionately dense retrograde amnesia. The first patient suffered a severe closed head injury and was left with dense autobiographical amnesia for events that she had experienced prior to her injury. She showed relatively(More)
This paper aims to develop a genetic algorithm to solve a network routing protocol problem. The algorithm has to find the shortest path between the source and destination nodes. In the literature, the routing problem is solved using search graph techniques to find the shortest path. Dijkstra's algorithm is one of popular techniques to solve this problem.(More)
We assume a directed graph whose nodes are labeled by integers between 1 and <italic>n</italic>. The arcs of this graph correspond to the flow of control between blocks of a computer program. The initial node of this graph (corresponding to the entry point of the program) is labeled by the integer 1. For optimizing the object code generated by a compiler,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relationship of early hypothermia to multiple organ failure and mortality in a prospectively-collected database of severely injured trauma patients. METHODS This prospective observational study was performed at 7 level I trauma centers over a 16-month period. Severely injured trauma patients with signs of hypoperfusion (eg, base(More)
In 1936 Turing <supscrpt>(1)</supscrpt> defined a class of logical machines (which he called a - machines, but which are now generally called Turing machines) which he used as an aid in proving certain results in mathematical logic, and which should prove of interest in connection with the theory of control and switching systems. Given any logical(More)
Quantitative ultrasound is the newest noninvasive method to be accepted for assessing bone mineral in adults. Heel ultrasound measurements correlate with bone density measurements by dual X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and predict fracture risk in adults. Far less is known about the value of calcaneus ultrasound (CUS) in children. We determine spine, femoral(More)
UNLABELLED Three-dimensional assessment of pulmonary deposition of inhaled aerosol may be performed using SPECT. The use of aligned anatomical images enables improved accuracy of quantification and anatomical localization of deposition. METHODS Techniques of analyzing these data and their application to deposition studies of two nebulizer-generated(More)
Multimodality medical imaging enables measurement of the three-dimensional spatial distribution of a radiolabeled aerosol within the lung. Using a conceptual spatial morphological model these data may be transformed to provide information on deposition per airway generation. This methodology has been used to study the intrapulmonary deposition patterns of(More)