Edward F. Harry

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Microtubule-associated proteins of the mitotic spindle are thought to be important for the initial assembly and the maintenance of spindle structure and function. However, distinguishing assembly and maintenance roles for a given protein is difficult. Most experimental methods for protein inactivation are slow and therefore affect both assembly and(More)
The congression of chromosomes to the spindle equator involves the directed motility of bi-orientated sister kinetochores. Sister kinetochores bind bundles of dynamic microtubules and are physically connected through centromeric chromatin. A crucial question is to understand how sister kinetochores are coordinated to generate motility and directional(More)
Kinetochores are multi-protein complexes that mediate the physical coupling of sister chromatids to spindle microtubule bundles (called kinetochore (K)-fibres) from respective poles. These kinetochore-attached K-fibres generate pushing and pulling forces, which combine with polar ejection forces (PEF) and elastic inter-sister chromatin to govern chromosome(More)
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