Edward F. Ewen

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Star schema, which maintains one-to-many relationships between dimensions and a fact table, is widely accepted as the most viable data representation for dimensional analysis. Real-world DW schema, however, frequently includes many-to-many relationships between a dimension and a fact table. Having those relationships in a dimensional model causes several(More)
1. ABSTRACT Healthcare presents unique challenges for the architect of a data warehouse. Integrated health systems are shifting its focus away from the acute care setting and moving towards cross-continuum care management. Improving healthcare quality while reducing costs requires the elimination of unnecessary variation in the care process. This paper(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with untreated substance use disorders (SUDs) are at risk for frequent emergency department visits and repeated hospitalizations. Project Engage, a US pilot program at Wilmington Hospital in Delaware, was conducted to facilitate entry of these patients to SUD treatment after discharge. Patients identified as having hazardous or harmful(More)
BACKGROUND Warfarin is recommended for stroke prevention in high-risk patients with atrial fibrillation. However, it is often underutilized and inadequately managed in actual clinical practice. OBJECTIVES To examine the patterns of warfarin use and their relationship with stroke and bleeding in atrial fibrillation patients in community-based primary care(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the rate of allergy documentation during inpatient admissions and determine if discrepancies exist between ethnicities and English proficiency, genders, and by medication classes. METHODS Patients at an outpatient clinic with severe medication allergies documented in their electronic medical record were identified. Inpatient hospital(More)
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