Edward F. Crawley

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so we are able to obtain a direct access to the field which our instructor works on; the second is that it focuses more on mathematical theory and simulation of the process of designing, something that the previous papers about the concept of database rarely mention. I learn much from reading this paper, including the algebraic theory, technique for(More)
  • Citation Battat, Jonathan A, Bruce Cameron, Alexander Rudat, Edward F Crawley, Jonathan A Battat
  • 2014
The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Although NASA has yet to choose an architecture for human spaceflight beyond Earth orbit, they must pursue near-term investment in the enabling technologies that will be required for these future systems. Given this architectural(More)
1 INTRODUCTION During the past three decades, the concept of " stakeholders " has been deeply embedded in the thinking and practice of management scholars (Freeman, 1984) as well as the architects for large-scale engineering systems (Moses, 2004), in order to ensure an organization's " long-term success ". However, most current stakeholder models only(More)
5 Many systems undergo significant architecture-level change throughout their lifecycles in order to adapt to new operating and funding contexts, to react to failed technology development, or to incorporate new technologies. In all cases early architecture selection and technology investment decisions will constrain the system to certain regions of the(More)
Matching high ambitions with scarce resources is one of the primary challenges of aerospace and other industries concerned with the development of unprecedented infrastructures, on par with the technical challenges associated with developing new technology. Stakeholder objectives are often unclear due to highly exploratory business cases. Further ambiguity(More)
Commonality, or the reuse and sharing of components, manufacturing processes, architectures, interfaces, and infrastructure across the members of a product family, is an often leveraged strategy targeted at improving corporate profitability. Commonality strategies are widespread in the literature and in industrial practice, but a clear gap exists: The(More)
This paper presents a framework aimed at supporting the decision-making process for the preliminary design of system architectures for the extraction of spatially and temporally distributed resources. The goal of the research is to provide a tool to identify " global best " architectures for resource extraction " systems of systems, " which usually differ(More)