Edward E Korshin

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The syntheses and in vitro antimalarial screening of 50 bridged, bicyclic endoperoxides of types 9-13 are reported. In contrast to antimalarial trioxanes of the artemisinin family, but like yingzhaosu A and arteflene, the peroxide function of compounds 9-13 is contained in a 2,3-dioxabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane system 6. Peroxides 9 and 10 (R(1) = OH) are readily(More)
Aiming at the generation of a silanone intramolecularly bound to platinum, we prepared pincer-type PSiP silanol Pt(II) complexes. While a stable silanone complex was not isolated, unusual reactivity modes, involving its possible intermediacy, were observed. Treatment of the new PSiH 2P-type ligand ( o-IPr 2PC 6H 4) 2SiH 2 ( 7) with (Me 2S) 2Pt(Me)Cl yields(More)
An effective method for cis-stereoselective attachment of functionalized alkenyl appendages to sp3 carbon is reported. This method is based on a free-radical process, involving a sequence of addition-elimination steps, resulting in alkenyl group transposition from divalent sulfur to a prochiral carbon radical. Absolute stereoselectivity is secured since the(More)
An expedient approach to the synthesis of well soluble symmetrical dialkyl-substituted α-oligofurans containing up to 8 π-conjugated furan heterocycles is reported. An ultimate symmetry and high solubility of these α-oligofurans were guaranteed using the 3,3'-diheptyl-2,2'-bifuran core and its symmetrical elongation through Suzuki-Miyaura or Stille(More)
[reaction: see text] The molecular structure of the naturally occurring antimalarial agent yingzhaosu A (1) is characterized by a 2,3-dioxabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane system (3a), an allylic alcohol, a homoallylic alcohol, and five stereogenic centers. Herein we report on the total synthesis of yingzhaosu A (1) in eight steps and 7.3% overall yield starting from(More)
Reactions of antimalarial beta-sulfonyl endoperoxides 9 and 10, which, like yingzhaosu A (2), derive from the 2,3-dioxabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane system 3, with iron(II) salts were studied. Product analysis of the iron(II)-induced degradations provided evidence for the intermediacy of carbon-centered cyclohexyl radicals 20 and 31 and their possible oxidation to(More)
A Diels-Alder/thiol-olefin co-oxygenation approach to the synthesis of novel bicyclic endoperoxides 17a-22b is reported. Some of these endoperoxides (e.g., 17b, 19b, 22a and 22b) have potent nanomolar in vitro antimalarial activity equivalent to that of the synthetic antimalarial agent arteflene. Iron(II)-mediated degradation of sulfone-endoperoxide 19b and(More)
A series of 4,8-dimethyl-4-phenylsulfonylmethyl-2,3-dioxabicyclo[3.3.1]+ ++nonanes, carrying a variety of substituents at position-8 (4) were prepared by a short and efficient method from R-(+)-limonene. Key reactions include thiol oxygen cooxidation, and alkylation and acylation of a sterically hindered tertiary alcohol compatible with the endoperoxy(More)
A set of racemic N-phenyl-substituted β-amidoamidines hydrochlorides 4, which are structurally related to natural antiviral agent amidinomycin (1), was synthesized in four steps starting from methacryloyl anilide (5). In the final step of the synthetic route, an uncommon monoacylation of β-aminoamidine 8 at the less reactive β-phenylamino-group took place.(More)
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