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We present two heuristic optimisation methods for generating N-variable boolean functions which exhibit particular cryptographic properties. Each method targets one or more properties and consistently produces a large number of N-variable boolean functions with those properties. The first method presented is shown to outperform any other heuristic technique(More)
A systematic procedure for applying fast correlation attacks to combiners with memory is introduced. This procedure consists of the following four stages: identifying correlated linear input and output transforms with maximum possible or relatively large correlation coeecient, calculating low-weight polynomial multiples based on the identiied input linear(More)
Elliptic curve cryptosystems (eccs) are becoming more popular because of the reduced number of key bits required in comparison to other cryptosystems (for example, a 160 bit ecc has roughly the same security as 1024 bit rsa). Eccs are especially suited to smart cards because of the limited memory and computational power available on these devices. Contents(More)
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