Edward D. Rothman

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The distribution of diploid males in a population of Apis mellifera was obtained by direct examination of the sexual phenotypes of the larvae. Using these data, estimates are derived for the number of sex alleles and the number or matings undergone by the queen. The number of sex alleles is estimated to be 18.9. The estimate is larger than previous ones,(More)
We have devised and validated an indirect method for measuring the intramural pH in the stomachs of patients in the intensive care unit and have assessed its value in predicting the occurrence of massive hemorrhage from stress ulceration. The 103 patients, studied on an average of 3.8 +/- 0.6 consecutive days, were assigned to one of five groups: no(More)
Few patients with pancreatic cancer have resectable disease at the time of diagnosis, and a variety of nonsurgical techniques are available to provide effective palliation of jaundice and pain. Accurate preoperative staging is essential to identify patients with unresectable disease, thereby minimizing unnecessary surgery. Currently used diagnostic tests(More)
A one locus model has been developed to describe parthenogenetic populations restoring diploidy by central fusion, terminal fusion and gamete duplication. It was found that in the absence of selection all populations become homozygous. With selection, however, it is possible to maintain heterozygotes and homozygotes. The conditions required to yield such an(More)
The purpose of this study was to quantify in a biomechanical model the contributions to shoulder joint stability that are made by tensions in the four tendons of the rotator cuff and by static resistance of defined portions of the capsular ligaments. A materials testing machine was used to directly determine anterior joint laxity by measurement of the force(More)
Fibrillar collagens in connective tissues are organized into complex and diverse hierarchical networks. In dermis, bone, and tendon, one common phenomenon at the micrometer scale is the organization of fibrils into bundles. Previously, we have reported that collagen fibrils in these tissues exhibit a 10 nm width distribution of D-spacing values. This study(More)
Changes in O2 consumption, O2 extraction, and intramural pH, resulting from a decreasing O2 delivery, were studied in the intact dog intestine. The O2 delivery was decreased by ischemia, hypoxia, and combined hypoxia-ischemia. A noninvasive approach for determining intramural pH based on the principle of tonometry was used. There was a strong correlation(More)
Three different formulations have been used to estimate the average rate/locus/generation with which mutation results in electrophoretically detectable variants of 28 proteins in 12 tribal Amerindian populations. All methods are indirect--i.e., they assume a reasonable approximation to equilibrium between mutation and loss of mutants from the(More)
BACKGROUND The authors sought to determine the incidence and risk factors for perioperative cardiac adverse events (CAEs) after noncardiac surgery using detailed preoperative and intraoperative hemodynamic data. METHODS The authors conducted a prospective observational study at a single university hospital from 2002 to 2006. All American College of(More)
INTRODUCTION Although there is general agreement among various guidelines on benefits of routine screening mammography, the age of screening initiation and the optimal frequency of the test remain controversial. In 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommended against routine breast cancer screening in women aged younger than 50 years.(More)