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Although it is widely acknowledged that an understanding of mass attitudes about trade is crucial to the political economy of foreign commerce, only a handful of studies have addressed this topic. These studies have focused largely on testing two models, both of which emphasize that trade preferences are shaped by how trade affects an individual's income.(More)
OBJECTIVE Healthy, young men were studied to determine the relationship of energy and nutrient intake and physical activity to concentrations of plasma lipoprotein and cholesteryl ester transfer protein. DESIGN A cross-sectional study compared active and sedentary male subjects (17 to 35 years old) with no personal or family history of coronary heart(More)
The discipline of political science has developed an active research program on the development , operation, spread, and impact of international legal norms, agreements, and institutions. Meanwhile, a growing number of public international lawyers have developed an interest in political science research and methods. 1 For more than two decades, scholars(More)
Over the past few decades, there has been a surge of interest in the relationship between economic interdependence and political con›ict. One view that has gained considerable popularity and empirical support is that heightened interdependence fosters cooperative political relations. Voiced with increasing regularity in both academic and policy circles,(More)