Edward Chung

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Single-nucleotide polymorphisms, as well as small insertions and deletions (here referred to collectively as simple nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs), comprise the largest set of sequence variants in most organisms. Positional cloning based on SNPs may accelerate the identification of human disease traits and a range of biologically informative mutations.(More)
Transit passenger market segmentation enables transit operators to target different classes of transit users for targeted surveys and various operational and strategic planning improvements. However, the existing market segmentation studies in the literature have been generally done using passenger surveys, which have various limitations. The smart card(More)
(2010) Fusing loop detector and probe vehicle data to estimate travel time statistics on signalized urban networks. Notice: Changes introduced as a result of publishing processes such as copy-editing and formatting may not be reflected in this document. For a definitive version of this work, please refer to the published source:
The aim of this study is to assess the potential use of Bluetooth data for traffic monitoring of arterial road networks. Bluetooth data provides the direct measurement of travel time between pairs of scanners, and intensive research has been reported on this topic. Bluetooth data includes “Duration” data, which represents the time spent by Bluetooth devices(More)
This paper firstly presents the benefits and critical challenges on the use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for crowd data collection and monitoring. The major challenges include antenna characteristics, environment’s complexity and scanning features. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are compared in this paper in terms of architecture, discovery time, popularity of use and(More)
GPS is increasingly being used to collect travel data as the cost of the equipment is relatively low and it is capable of providing continuous and accurate spatial information and speed in real time. One such example is the Internet Protocol probe car (IPCar) project in Japan which equipped probe cars (consisting of taxis and buses) with GPS. The aim of(More)
In recent years the traditional objective of improving road network efficiency is being supplemented by greater emphasis on safety, incident detection management, driver information, better car park utilisation, environmental issues and the provision of priority to public transport and pedestrians. In line with this increasing interest in Intelligent or(More)
Loop detectors are widely used on the motorway networks where they provide point speed and traffic volumes. Models have been proposed for temporal and spatial generalization of speed for average travel time estimation. Advancement in technology provides complementary data sources such as Bluetooth Media Access Control (MAC) Scanner (BMS), detecting the MAC(More)
In this paper, we show the outline of our research on interactive traffic environment, under which we are developing mixed reality traffic experiment space. In order to develop sophisticated ITS applications, it is very important to analyze human factor, but there is few method to obtain human factor, thus, we have decided to create interactive traffic(More)