Edward C White

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The firing rates of single neurons were recorded in the septal and preoptic areas of unanesthetized rabbits during brief periods of ambient heating. The temporal response for neurons responsive to ambient temperature were calculated as the interval of time between the onset of heating and the point at which the unit's activity reached 63% (i.e. 1-1/e) of(More)
In order to develop a reliable system for measuring daily cholesterol intake in individual outpatients, studies were undertaken to establish the shortest time period (in days) for which it is necessary to obtain daily food intake records. Three volunteers were trained in dietary record-keeping and portion-size assessment, and instructed to self-select a(More)
Of 176 patients with minimal breast cancer, 138 had intraductal carcinoma in situ, 21 minimally invasive carcinoma, and 17 lobular carcinoma in situ. Various modalities of treatment were used including radical, modified radical, and simple mastectomy with and without radiation therapy. Long-term postoperative follow-up was available in all but five patients(More)