Edward C. Tomlinson

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This study examined the relationship between mentor trust, protégé internal locus of control, and the mentoring functions reported by protégés. The matched mentor-protégé sample came from a formal mentoring program in China. We found a positive relationship between protégés' internal locus of control and the extent of mentoring functions they reported(More)
Entitlement is frequently cited as a pressing managerial challenge in contemporary organizations, but the extant research on this topic has been inconsistent, vague, and incomplete. In response, this paper presents an integrative model of entitlement beliefs. Specifically, prior research across multiple disciplines is synthesized to offer an integrative(More)
The authors examined the effects of supervisory guidance (providing instruction to employees) and behavioral integrity (a pattern of word-deed alignment) on employee organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) and deviant behavior. Results revealed a pattern of Supervisory Guidance x Behavioral Integrity interaction effects, such that relationships between(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe why trust congruence is important to negotiation, illustrate potential types of trust congruence in negotiating dyads, and link those types of congruence to joint-behavioral outcomes. Design/methodology/approach – Studies pertinent to negotiators’ trust in one another are reviewed, and based on prior(More)
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