Edward C. Rhodes

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We used computer image manipulation to develop a test of perception of subtle gradations in cuteness between infant faces. We found that young women (19-26 years old) were more sensitive to differences in infant cuteness than were men (19-26 and 53-60 years old). Women aged 45 to 51 years performed at the level of the young women, whereas cuteness(More)
Many elderly women in industrially developed countries are at, or near to, functionally important strength related thresholds and so have either lost, or are in danger of losing, the ability to perform some important everyday tasks. The increased rate of healthcare expenditure due to loss of physical function is a major economic issue. Even though women(More)
The study of human performance and perceived exertion during physical activity has been an area of considerable interest and research for over 50 years. This review considers the evidence of many investigators who have been researching the physiological basis as well as non-physiological basis for the ratings of perceived exertion. During low levels of(More)
Woody plant encroachment—the conversion of grasslands to woodlands—is among the greatest challenges faced by rangelands worldwide. Yet this phenomenon is poorly understood, and complex land use dynamics make interpreting the timing and extent of land cover changes a global challenge. For many regions, the true degree and rate of historical change in woody(More)
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