Edward C. Horvath

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Pancreas divisum is the most common congenital anomaly of the pancreas. Abnormal hedgehog protein signaling appears related to the formation of several pancreatic malformations, including annular pancreas, pancreatic-biliary malunion, pancreatic rests, and pancreas divisum. Pancreas divisum by itself should not necessarily require intervention. A careful(More)
PurposeThe purpose of the study was to report the outcome of posterior approach white-line advancement surgery for severe involutional aponeurotic ptosis.Patients and methodsThis was a retrospective review of an interventional case series of all patients undergoing surgery for severe involutional aponeurotic ptosis during a 42-month period at a single(More)
In his chapter on sorting, Knuth [1]@@@@ describes the open problem of stable sorting with no more than 0(log<supscrpt>2</supscrpt>N) bits of extra space and less than 0(N<supscrpt>2</supscrpt>) computation time. In this paper we define the concept of a contiguent and show that a contiguent forming algorithm may be used as the basis for a stable sort. A(More)
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