Edward C. Franklin

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The clinical course of 40 patients with significant quantities of mixed cryoglobulins, but without lymphoproliferative, collagen-vascular or chronic infectious diseases, is presented. These cases comprise 51.3 percent of all mixed and 31.7 percent of all types of cryoglobulins evaluated by us over the period 1960--1978. A characteristic clinical syndrome,(More)
Serum amyloid A (SAA) protein is a 12,000 dalton protein that exists in serum under physiologic conditions as an 85,000 dalton complex and under certain conditions, as a 170,000 dalton component. To study the reason for this finding, the behavior of 125I-SAA was studied in the presence of cold SAA and several serum proteins. SAA caused a shift of some of(More)
The effect of highly purified rheumatoid factor on the precipitin reactions of various antigen-antibody systems was determined. The amount of nitrogen precipitated was increased over a broad range when the factor was added to ovalbumin, human albumin, or human gamma globulin, and the corresponding rabbit antibodies. In the zone of antigen excess, soluble(More)