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We analyze the structure of supersymmetric Gödel-like cosmological solutions of string theory. Just as the original four-dimensional Gödel universe, these solutions represent rotating, topologically trivial cosmologies with a homogeneous metric and closed timelike curves. First we focus on " phenomenological " aspects of holography, and identify the(More)
Single beam gradient force optical traps, or tweezers, are a powerful tool for a wide variety of experiments in physics, chemistry, and biology. We describe how to build an optical tweezer with a total cost of Ϸ$6500 using only commercially available optics and mounts. We also suggest measurements that could be made using the apparatus.
We present an algorithm capable of identifying a wide variety of human-induced change on the surface of the planet by analyzing matches between local features in time-sequenced remote sensing imagery. We evaluate feature sets, match protocols, and the statistical modeling of feature matches. With application of KAZE features, k-nearest-neighbor descriptor(More)
Quantum annealing is an experimental and potentially breakthrough computational technology for handling hard optimization problems, including problems of computer vision. We present a case study in training a production-scale classifier of tree cover in remote sensing imagery, using early-generation quantum annealing hardware built by D-wave Systems, Inc.(More)
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