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— Non-linear dimensionality reduction and vector segmentation of hyper-spectral images is investigated in this letter. The proposed framework takes into account the non-linear nature of high dimensional hyper-spectral images, and projects onto a lower dimensional space via a spatially-coherent locally linear embedding technique. The spatial coherence is(More)
We studied phagocytosis of rod outer segments (ROS) by the retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) using rapid freezing, freeze-drying, and electron microscopic immunocytochemistry. Phagocytosis of photoreceptor outer segment tips by the RPE occurs daily, and in rats the shedding of these tips is light-entrained to a circadian rhythm. We studied the phagocytic(More)
Recent advances in sparse modeling and dictionary learning for discriminative applications show high potential for numerous classification tasks. In this paper, we show that highly accurate material classification from hyperspectral imagery (HSI) can be obtained with these models, even when the data is reconstructed from a very small percentage of the(More)
A method is presented for sub-pixel mapping and classification in hyperspectral imagery, using learned block-structured discriminative dictionaries, where each block is adapted and optimized to represent a material in a compact and sparse manner. The spectral pixels are modeled by linear combinations of subspaces defined by the learned dictionary atoms,(More)
  • E Bosch
  • 1990
Lateral-to-motor and medial-to-motor synapses in crayfish nerve cords are composed of an electrical and a chemical component. The presynaptic terminals showed localized clusters of synaptic vesicles, electron-dense areas, coated pits, and coated vesicles. In thin sections, active zones were defined by electron-dense regions where synaptic vesicles attached(More)
Half plasma disappearance time (HDT) of endogenous erythropoietin (Ep) was measured in single rats, using an in vitro assay system for EP. In rats treated with the hepatotoxic agent d-Galactosamine-HCl (GalN), a small but significant elevation of HDT was found as compared with control rats (164 and 105 min, respectively). In bilaterally nephrectomized rats(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether the quality of semen has changed over time in men screened for semen donation. METHODS All 448 men volunteering for semen donation between 1983 and 2001 at a donor insemination clinic in Sydney, Australia, were included in this longitudinal single centre observational analysis of semen parameters. There was no selection for(More)
It is a well recognized problem that sample derived transferrin-bound iron (Tf-Fe) interferes with radio-iron incorporation into heme in the in vitro assay of erythropoietin (Ep) using fetal mouse liver cells (FMLC). This paper describes a mathematical procedure to correct for the unknown quantity of "cold" Tf-Fe in a plasma sample, being assayed for Ep in(More)