Edward B Hudson

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Spaceflight and bed rest models of microgravity have profound effects on physiological systems, including the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and immune systems. These effects can be exacerbated by suboptimal nutrient status, and therefore it is critical to monitor nutritional status when evaluating countermeasures to mitigate negative effects of(More)
A Babesia-free batch of laboratory reared Boophilus decoloratus ticks was infected with a Kenyan strain of Babesia bigemina by feeding them on a steer infected by inoculation of a blood stabilate. The engorged female ticks showed developing stages of B. bigemina in their haemolymph and subsequently their progeny transmitted the parasite to a susceptible(More)
A macrocytic hypochromic anemia with marked reticulocytosis was observed at each of 10 examinations during a 4 month period of a male Beagle dog that was 11 months old when first examined. The owner had noticed pale mucous membranes from the time the dog was purchased at 7 weeks of age. Based on the clinical history and negative LE, ANA and Coombs tests, an(More)
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