Edward B. Allen

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Society relies on telecommunications to such an extent that telecommunications software must have high reliability. Enhanced measurement for early risk assessment of latent defects (EMERALD) is a joint project of Nortel and Bell Canada for improving the reliability of telecommunications software products. This paper reports a case study of neural-network(More)
The design of software is often depicted by graphs that show components and their relationships. For example, a structure chart shows the calling relationships among components. Object-oriented design is based on various graphs, as well. Such graphs are abstractions of the software, devised to depict certain design decisions. Coupling and cohesion are(More)
BNR, NORTEL, and Bell Canada have jointly developed the Enhanced Measurement for Early R.isk Assessment of Latent Defects (EMERALD) system for decision support, integr,ating software measurements, quality models, and delivery of results to the desktop of software developers in a timely manner [l]. It has been applied to a very large system with more than 12(More)
Software faults are defects in software modules that might cause failures. Software developers tend to focus on faults, because they are closely related to the amount of rework necessary to prevent future operational software failures. The goal of this paper is to predict which modules are fault-prone and to do it early enough in the life cycle to be useful(More)
Software development is fundamentally based on cognitive processes. Our motivating hypothesis is that amounts of various kinds of information in software artifacts may have useful statistical relationships with software-engineering attributes. This paper proposes measures of size, complexity and coupling in terms of the amount of information, building on(More)