Edward B Alabraba

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BACKGROUND/AIMS In most cases infection with hepatitis C results in chronic infection as a consequence of viral subversion and failed anti-viral immune responses. The suggestion that dendritic cells are defective in chronic HCV infection led us to investigate the phenotype and function of liver-derived myeloid (mDC) and plasmacytoid (pDC) dendritic cells in(More)
Previously, we have found that the absence of the colon after liver transplantation (LT) protects the patient from recurrent primary sclerosing cholangitis (rPSC). As our previous observation has not been confirmed in other series, we have reviewed our cohort of patients grafted for primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) with greater numbers and longer(More)
UNLABELLED In the vanishing bile duct syndromes (VBDS), primary biliary cirrhosis and chronic allograft rejection, cholangiocyte apoptosis is associated with sustained macrophage infiltration of the liver, suggesting that these cells may mediate tissue damage and contribute to bile duct destruction. We have previously reported that activation of CD40 on(More)
INTRODUCTION Carcinoma of the ampulla of Vater is said to carry a significantly better prognosis than pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas arising in the pancreatic head. However, it is uncertain as to whether this is due to the fact that they have differing oncological characteristics or simply an earlier presentation as a result of the exophytic morphology(More)
Macrophages are a diverse population of cells that are able to adapt to specific tissue environments. Kupffer cells are liver resident macrophages and form the largest population of fixed tissue macrophages. Their isolation offers an exciting opportunity to study this subpopulation of uniquely adapted cells. However existing Kupffer cell isolation(More)
BACKGROUND Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST) frequently occur in patients with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF-1). It has been reported that GIST may co-exist with pancreatic endocrine tumors but this has only been in association with NF-1. CASE PRESENTATION A 76 year old woman presented with a 12 month history of hypoglycaemia symptoms. Abdominal CT(More)
The expression of steroid receptors by tumours offers a therapeutic advantage if functionally responsive to exogenous hormones. Insulinomas represent a highly symptomatic group of pancreatic tumours and the steroid receptor status of these tumours is poorly understood. The object of the study was to characterise the sex steroid receptor status of human(More)
result in colonic perforation during colo− noscopy, they are always associated with pneumothorax and are always fatal [1, 2]. We report a case of colonoscopy−induced tension pneumothorax due to an undiag− nosed diaphragmatic hernia without co− lonic perforation. A 46−year−old man with no history of thoracoabdominal trauma underwent co− lonoscopy for rectal(More)
INTRODUCTION Groin ultrasound scanning is commonly used to examine patients with obscure groin pain or swelling. A recent study has shown ultrasound has a poor positive predictive value (PPV) in diagnosing groin hernias although earlier studies reported PPV values as high as 100%. Our aims were to calculate ultrasound's accuracy in diagnosing occult groin(More)
INTRODUCTION Indicative numbers for completion of training (CCT) in the UK requires 35 upper Gastrointestinal/Hepatobiliary resections and 110 (50 non HPB trainees) cholecystectomies. We aim to identify whether the training experience in our centre meets the CCT requirements for hepatobiliary surgery and compare training opportunities to those in(More)
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