Edward Averill

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* In recent decades, an intriguing view of human cognition has garnered increasing support. According to this view, which I will call 'the hypothesis of extended cognition' ('HEC', hereafter), human cognitive processing literally extends into the environment surrounding the organism, and human cognitive states literally comprise—as wholes do their proper(More)
H Organizations are now operating within a world marketplace in which quality, key to an acceptable market-share, is dependent upon interaction among employees, including executives and managers. The process system provides the organization as a whole with the most leverage to support people’s decisions to achieve the desired organizational performance.(More)
The Causal Theory of Properties (CTP) (Shoemaker, 1980a, 1980b, 1998) presents a striking picture: although a property might ultimately be distinct from the causal powers it confers on its instantiations (Shoemaker, 1998, p. 64), those causal powers limn the property’s identity. In the words of CTP’s leading proponent, Sydney Shoemaker, “The formulation of(More)
This article summarizes discussions held during the workshop on the issue of the content of worker notification messages and related topics. The workshop itself involved a number of sessions where participants formed small groups. This article represents a distillation of the summary reports by the rapporteurs from each group. It is not intended as a(More)
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