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The localization and synthesis of alphafoetoprotein (AFP) during mouse embryogenesis were studied by immunoperoxidase and by immunoprecipitation after radioactive labelling, using an antiserum prepared against AFP. AFP is first detectable in embryos on the 7th day of gestation (7th day embryos). In 7th and 8th day embryos AFP is confined to visceral(More)
The assembly of focal adhesions was investigated in F9 embryonal carcinoma cells in which the expression of vinculin was eliminated by a targeted disruption of the vinculin gene. Vinculin-deficient F9 cells were capable of adhering to fibronectin-coated surfaces, though they displayed a reduced spreading compared to the parental cells. Transmission electron(More)
Post-perinatal infant deaths in North and Southern Derbyshire District Health Authorities were calculated by electoral ward over a period of two years and related to Jarman scores of deprivation. The deaths were categorised into clinical-pathological groupings after full confidential enquiry. The post-perinatal death rates were significantly related to(More)
PURPOSE Oscillatory dynamics in acute hypoxia have been observed, but poorly understood. They have mostly been attributed to vascular perturbations, but no link has yet been made to metabolic causes. We set out to determine the fundamental frequencies and test for coherence in tumor oxygen dynamics and spatial properties. METHODS Severe combined(More)
PURPOSE Previous work [1] modeling the metabolic flux between hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate and [1-13C]lactate in magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) experiments failed to account for vascular signal artifacts. Here, we investigate a method to minimize the vascular signal and its impact on the fidelity of metabolic modeling. METHODS MRSI was(More)
In depth confidential inquiries on all post-perinatal infant deaths were carried out for two years in North and Southern Derbyshire District Health Authorities in order to explore why the postperinatal death rates and cot death rates have been consistently higher in Southern than in North Derbyshire. It was found that the death rates for probably inevitable(More)
Ou* contemporary Zeitgeist is now constantly expressed in the language of science. The recent phenomenal progress and expansion in the fields ni tLC^ent^c discovery has tended more and more to elevate physical, tin matical and logical canons to the status of sole arbiters in any examina-of medical values. Because of this, those arts, creative therapy among(More)