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Religion and reductionism : essays on Eliade, Segal, and the challenge of the social sciences for the study of religion
This volume is based on a conference held in November 1990, where the participants were asked to respond to the conceptual and methodological problem of reductionism in the academic study ofExpand
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Religion as Anthropomorphism: A New Theory that Invites Definitional and Epistemic Scrutiny
Abstract This essay will focus briefly on (1) a definitional and (2) an epistemic analysis of Stewart Guthrie's cultural-anthropological theory of anthropomorphism in his bookFaces in the Clouds. InExpand
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Is a Science of Religion Possible?
involves a consideration of such questions as: Can religion be defined ? Is religion irreducible ? Can religion be explained? Is there a special method of understanding religion ?2 The discussion ofExpand
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Religion Confronts the Social Sciences
Very few recent books in the academic study of religion encompass the incisive terrain of scholarship and the methodological intersections of religion and the social sciences than Robert A. Segal's,Expand
The sacred and its scholars : comparative methodologies for the study of primary religious data
This volume of essays is devoted to a careful examination of the importance of methodology in the study of primary religious data. The essays focus on the "Sacred" as an ultimate object ofExpand
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