Edward A. Zeller

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Enzymes were the first clearly recognized components of snake venoms. When several more were discovered, attempts were made to correlate venom action with enzymic functions. The last few years have seen most successful efforts in the identification, isolation and structural elucidation of highly toxic polypeptides present in snake venoms, in particular of(More)
1. To investigate the kinetics of ophidian l-amino acid oxidase, V and K(m) were determined for phenylalanines that were substituted in every ring position with groups of various size and reactivity, and for a few ring-substituted tryptophans and histidines. The venom of one representative from each of three major classes of poisonous snakes, Naja(More)
The topical application of reseipine and the benzoquinolizine Ro 4-1284 to rabbit eyes leads to a significant depression of the intraocular pressure. This reduction is d,ue essentially to a depression of the formation rate and is counteracted by a small drop in facility of ouifiow. As in other biologic systems, the action of reserpine lasts longer and(More)
Insulin-dependent diabetics show a significant reduction in blood platelets' monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity when compared with age-matched and sex-matched controls. This does not appear to be the case for diabetics either on diet control or receiving oral hypoglycemic drugs. The important role of this enzyme in the regulation of the circulating levels of(More)
Platelet MAO activity and the aggregation response to epinephrine, ADP, and collagen were measured in normal subjects. There was a direct correlation between the amount of platelet MAO activity and the per cent aggregation induced by 1 and 2 micrometer epinephrine. There were lesser correlations between platelet MAO and ADP or collagen-induced aggregation.(More)