Edward A. DeGregorio

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The concept of Effects-Based Operations (EBO), enabled by Network-Centric Warfare (NCW), is developing rapidly as diplomats and war planners move to confront global threats in the new millennium. Modeling the NCW EBO process attempts to codify the belief structure and reasoning of adversaries and their cause-effect relationships with US and coalition(More)
This paper describes an approach that broadens the capabilities of models used by command and control organizations to conduct effects based planning and operations by improving the understanding by which tactical actions affect the infrastructure and the civil environments in an area of operation. The premise is that the quality of the commodity services(More)
It was argued that the Type A "coronary-prone" behavior pattern is adaptive within the context of a highly masculine sex role orientation, but that it interferes with successful functioning among persons for whom such an orientation is lacking. This interference was expected to predominate in areas of behavior that are interpersonal in nature. Based on this(More)
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