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Proof of concept of Bayesian integrated QTL analyses across pedigree-related families from breeding programs of an outbreeding species. Results include QTL confidence intervals, individuals’ genotype probabilities and genomic breeding values. Bayesian QTL linkage mapping approaches offer the flexibility to study multiple full sib families with known(More)
Efficiency of plants' transformation depends on many factors. The genotype, applied techniques and conditions of plant's modification and modified plant regeneration are the most important among them. In our studies regeneration and transformation conditions for two strawberry cultivars were determined and compared. Plants were transformed by Agrobacterium(More)
The genotypes of the strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa), apple (Malus domestica) and Ribes species (R. nigrum, R. rubrum and R. glossularia), maintained in our Institute's collection and used in breeding programs, were screened for DNA markers. Twenty primers for RAPD (among 60 tested) and seven for ISSR (among 10 tested) were chosen as creating polymorphic(More)
The study was conducted in greenhouses at two locations on one-year old trees of apple cultivars and clones originating from genetic resources and breeding programs conducted in Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. At each location different inoculation method of trees with Erwinia amylovora was used. In Poland, at the Research(More)
Two PCR-based techniques, RAPD and ISSR, were utilized for determination of genetic relationship of 24 strawberry cultivars used in breeding program at the Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Poland. Polymorphism of investigated genotypes was observed in reactions with 23 out of 48 tested RAPD primes and 41 from 90 tested ISSR primers.(More)
The aim of the study was to estimate the general and specific combining abilities (GCA and SCA) of 13 dessert strawberry cultivars: ‘Figaro’, ‘Salsa’, ‘Palomar’, ‘Granda’, ‘Camarosa’, ‘Elianny’, ‘Aromas’, ‘Diamante’, ‘Portola’, ‘Charlotte’, ‘San Andreas’, ‘Monterey’ and ‘Albion’ for tolerance to the major leaf diseases strawberry leaf spot (Mycosphaerella(More)
A half-diallel mating design (Griffing’s method IV) among 13 dessert strawberry parental genotypes (‘Figaro’, ‘Salsa’, ‘Palomar’, ‘Granda’, ‘Camarosa’, ‘Elianny’, ‘Aromas’, ‘Diamante’, ‘Portola’, ‘Charlotte’, ‘San Andreas’, ‘Monterey’ and ‘Albion’) was constructed to study the breeding value in terms of general and specific combining ability (GCA and SCA)(More)
The inheritance of commercially important characters in black currant (Ribes nigrum L.) was investigated using a complete 5×5 varietal diallel cross. Estimates of the genetic components of variance and broad and narrow-sense heritabilities revealed that additive genetic effects were greater than nonadditive genetic effects for resistance to powdery mildew(More)
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